Demonstration and projects

Demonstration and projects


Loop’s Training and Demonstration Centre showcases the potential of circular economy approaches through products, services and case studies. Featuring samples of real products that demonstrate circular principles from around the world, it’s a place for professionals across business, government and academia to understand how to seize this one trillion USD opportunity.
Conceived for collaboration, the centre brings together professionals across a range of industries.
A sneak peek of what is on display now –

  • Carpet tiles are both recycled and recyclable by design from Tarkett

  • Plastic bathroom accessories that show how far IKEA has come in integrating recycled material into cost-effective and stylish product lines

  • Jeans that are designed to be fully recyclable right down to the business model that allows customers to “access” a new pair of jeans every year, direct from MUD Jeans in the Netherlands

  • A solution to single use plastic packaging, made entirely from cellulose material with excellent barrier properties for food storage that breaks down in the environment causing no harm, direct from VTT in Finland


Loop Circular Economy Platform takes on select projects with corporate, government and higher education partners, as part of our mission to instigate change to a circular economy in Australia.

Read more about our recent project with the Government of Queensland.

Many thanks to our Training and Demonstration Centre sponsors